Beer Release Party-Short Order Porter

It was a blast Thursday night. So many folks came out or just happened to stop in to receive a treat. @smittoxbrewing Short Order Porter release at the brewery and back in stores for a consecutive year. I guess I’m more leaning toward porter style than a stout if I had to choose. The collective coffee cup and $10.00 wristbands gave you 4 pours of anything on tap. The SOP is like drinking a smooth coffee infused hot chocolate. You could pour one up in a cup and sip it on a relaxing Saturday morning. Please note it will get you toasted ☺️Vixen had to sleep some of that off Friday morning as I hydrated to get my mind right. Shoutout to @smittoxbrewing @islandtoislandbrewery @17percentdrip  for laughs discussing the upcoming beer stops & events. My neighbor @tok3nduck with sneak peek and pours. That was really fun.


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