Weathered Souls Beer Anniversary Party ๐ŸŽ‰

As you know or you may need to know I will travel for beer.  Weathered Souls just celebrated their 3rd year of making incredible beer.  Anniversaries are even a double dose of happy beer drinking.   I found a decent ticket to get out to San Antonio and make the party for one night only. It’s doesn’t happen that often but I had to get out on the red-eye drink my beer and be back in Dallas by 10:00pm the same night. I was encouraged with my Southwest carryon so I can carry back a couple of beers to-go.  YAY, Thank God for beer to-go passing in Texas.  The flight takes about 30 minutes and we strolled around San Antonio and stood in line for general admission (free).  Now if you had the grip you could have do the VIP for $55.00 and it included 3 pours and a bottle of a special release.   I had a couple of picks that I enjoyed so here ya go!
Vixen picks: Brown Bag Lunches – Kettle Sour with peanut butter, strawberries and graham crackers 4.8% If you like Capt’n Crunch Berries or those Strawberries Shortcake ice cream bars you will love this.  It was my favorite beer.  It was slightly sour but I could immediately would taste the graham crackers, and sweetness of the berries. Oh so drinkable.
Kicked Out the Waffle House- I was so glad out of the 27 beers that were tapped Saturday I was intrigued by the name.  I still want to know the story behind it, but I can kinda make my own. There’s been many times making our way to the Waffle House to sober up after leaving the club. This Imperial Stout isn’t going to help you get sober but make you mellower and act up.  This has Madagascar vanilla beans, anaerobic honey, Ethiopian coffee from Mostra Coffee in San Diego, Ca. 13.2%.
Mojito Sour-The only thing that’s missing is Cuban sandwiches and my salsa dress.   This Kettle Sour is well balance of mint, passion fruit, and lime juice and agave nectar 4.8%.    I’m glad they used the agave nectar because it will give you the sweetness of sugar without all the calories and has a more natural appeal drinking. This is a perfect beer for your “non-beer drinking” or “yet to find the perfect beer” friends.  I’ve always said whatever you enjoy as a liquor you can find in beer form.  This would be an impeccable starter beer that could transfer over to having both forms of mojito’s.  It would be a great night. 
Jamaican French Press-This was a pick by the Marcus’ Dad, co-owner, of Weathered Souls.  He was amazed not being a beer drinker himself that he truly enjoyed this beer.  I’m not a big stout person but I have to agree with him.  This Imperial Stout was a knock out.  I sipped on this beer the longest.  It’s a Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee at 11.3%.   It’s boozy but so incredibly smooth to drink and enjoy on a lazy winters day.

I was pretty bummed there was no beer to-go during the anniversary party.  I could have used more of the Jamaican French Press and a bunch more of Brown Bag Lunches. Weathered Souls don’t ship out so I’m going to find some Austin/San Antonio beer buddies to bring some this way to DFW.  If you’re in the San Antonio area don’t miss this brewery.  There’s always a food truck available and the Sunday Brunch looks so legit.


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