Arts Beats and Lyrics

Arts Beats and Lyrics 
Yoooooo! AB&L is back in Dallas.  This is a long standing traveling art show with a beat since 2005. That’s so wild to think it been going so long.  I don’t always get the opportunity to show up but this year all the stars were aligned.  Located at the Famous Gilley’s- Dallas location was the perfect space of model installments of art.  I’ve helped putting in art pieces so you need to fill in the negative spaces with light and create a mood.  The music bring you right along to the party.  As you enter the building you get the one drink ticket and well wishes to party. Now, it really does pay to get there ON TIME! The Jack Daniels reps are more lax and you get a couple of extras compared to it being packed within the next hour. Of course you can pay for more drinks.  The thing that I did like is the bartenders were generous with pours.  They had several choices to try and the recipes were simple to let the liquor to shine through. I only needed one drink.  The art was amazing.  You had insightful, intriguing, call backs to Hip Hop’s past and some futuristic pieces.  I know I didn’t see everything because as the time went on the crowd swelled.  The DJ’s stayed on point and only asked that you leave your cool at the door, and DANCE!  We did. 


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