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Beer Release Party-Short Order Porter

It was a blast Thursday night. So many folks came out or just happened to stop in to receive a treat. @smittoxbrewing Short Order Porter release at the brewery and back in stores for a consecutive year. I guess I’m more leaning toward porter style than a stout if I had to choose. The collective coffee cup and $10.00 wristbands gave you 4 pours of anything on tap. The SOP is like drinking a smooth coffee infused hot chocolate. You could pour one up in a cup and sip it on a relaxing Saturday morning. Please note it will get you toasted ☺️Vixen had to sleep some of that off Friday morning as I hydrated to get my mind right. Shoutout to @smittoxbrewing @islandtoislandbrewery @17percentdrip  for laughs discussing the upcoming beer stops & events. My neighbor @tok3nduck with sneak peek and pours. That was really fun.

Arts Beats and Lyrics

Arts Beats and Lyrics  Yoooooo! AB&L is back in Dallas.  This is a long standing traveling art show with a beat since 2005. That’s so wild to think it been going so long.  I don’t always get the opportunity to show up but this year all the stars were aligned.  Located at the Famous Gilley’s- Dallas location was the perfect space of model installments of art.  I’ve helped putting in art pieces so you need to fill in the negative spaces with light and create a mood.  The music bring you right along to the party.  As you enter the building you get the one drink ticket and well wishes to party. Now, it really does pay to get there ON TIME! The Jack Daniels reps are more lax and you get a couple of extras compared to it being packed within the next hour. Of course you can pay for more drinks.  The thing that I did like is the bartenders were generous with pours.  They had several choices to try and the recipes were simple to let the liquor to shine through. I only needed one drink. 
Weathered Souls Beer Anniversary Party 🎉 As you know or you may need to know I will travel for beer.  Weathered Souls just celebrated their 3 rd  year of making incredible beer.  Anniversaries are even a double dose of happy beer drinking.   I found a decent ticket to get out to San Antonio and make the party for one night only. It’s doesn’t happen that often but I had to get out on the red-eye drink my beer and be back in Dallas by  10:00pm  the same night. I was encouraged with my Southwest carryon so I can carry back a couple of beers to-go.  YAY, Thank God for beer to-go passing in Texas.  The flight takes about 30 minutes and we strolled around San Antonio and stood in line for general admission (free).  Now if you had the grip you could have do the VIP for $55.00 and it included 3 pours and a bottle of a special release.   I had a couple of picks that I enjoyed so here ya go! Vixen picks:  Brown Bag Lunches  – Kettle Sour with peanut butter, strawberries and graham cracker