Texas Craft Beer Festival ~Austin, Texas

Another weekend and another beer festival. HOORAY!  This is my 2nd year going to Texas Craft Brewers Festival and it was amazing.  I’m always down for a road trip to Austin.  You can stop at Bucee’s on the way down or venture over to get a traditional Czech kolache.  We made it down just to catch the last  hour of VIP at Fiesta Gardens.  It was low-key and people milling around with the anticipation of tomorrow so let’s grab a couple of beers to calm down our excitement.  This was also my first time seeing the beer museum that has a nice collection of beer can memorabilia.  My favorite of the night was the Numb Numb juice. It’s a collaboration with Whitestone Brewery w/Flix BrewHouse.
 Saturday was the Hop extravaganza.  If you have the opportunity to get VIP; do it! It will allow you 2 hours before general admission to just walk around and drink.  No lines.  You get to talk to some of your favorite breweries or discover new places to check out. Psst.  You don’t have to use your tickets. So pour me another one because I have my Lyft driver at the ready. J I can tell from last year there is  an surge of women coming out and enjoying themselves at the festival.  I was ecstatic to see groups of women hanging out, crossing off beers and checking for the next selection of liquid nectar.  Of course I’m going to be the one in the cut even at a festival full of people because I want to hear and see their reactions trying beer. My mission was to connect and seek out those 1st timers or having their 1st craft beer experience.   I came across the beautiful young lady, Sophia, and it was her first time at a beer festival.  I’ll let her speak for herself at the end, but I commend her for being open and her kick a$$ friends for encouraging her to come along. Be that friend that takes that blah regular beer to a craft beer. Help change their lives. JK. We all need that kind of  “Sam I Am” attitude in the beer community. Just try it.   I know you’ll find something that you like.  I guarantee it. 
           I had a lot of beers but two truly stood out to me. Both of the beers I wouldn’t normally be drawn to at ALL!  First was Lazy Beach’s Ginger Rose’ Hibiscus Hard Kombucha.  I never really had a Kombucha that I liked, so I was intrigued of the suggested flavors and 3.5 abv.  It was wonderful. We kept going back to  talk to the  brewers, a married couple, husband is the lazy and the wife was the beach.  Totally cute.  They’re planning on expanding in the Corpus Christi area. I can say they’re off to a great start.  Then, Weathered Soul’s special tap was a stout with coconut flakes.  It was rich with chocolate notes and you could visible see the coconut (guess what I don’t like coconut). Never deny yourself a stout even in the hot Texas sun.  It was awesome.  Marcus and his team do such a great job I was so happy to see POC  showing up and showing out. The line was hella long but it was worth it. It goes without saying that diversity in beer has become a mantra and a movement that we all get to enjoy it bounty. As the Beer Industry is  getting a more sophisticated palate in craft beer; it’s also getting sophisticated in creating more home brewers, brewmasters and craft beer drinkers of all shades and colors.  Everyone wants to see themselves represented and represented well.  It’s for the love of the hop.  It’s the fruit notes that we inhale and sense awaken to what is about to descend to our lips. It’s the exchanging of glances, to having a conversation, and exchanging IG accounts---finding out you’re already a fan of each other.  It’s repeat lines just before they run out of  your favorite. 
Where there is beer, so shall I go…so then shall I be.


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