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I'm currently on a quest for the World's Greatest Beer. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
Beer  to  Go and Labor of Love  September 1 st  was a celebration all over Texas. We celebrated with  poppin ’ tops and getting growlers filled to the top.  OMG! We partied and people lined up at their favorite brewery to get beer.  The reason why we celebrated was due to signing a bill into law that would allow small brewpubs and breweries alike to manufacture and sell beer to go up to one case per customer a day. The Texas House got it right for once.  YAY!  ​ A lot of people didn’t understand why we were so excited, but previously breweries couldn’t sell beer to-go in cans, growlers, etc. The smaller craft beer distributers were feeling the sting in comparison to the big industry giants having fair game at the market.   Texas was the only state that had this law on the books.  That’s what I  love  about  going to another state .  W hen I f ind  that a wonderful beer I c an  at least bring a tallboy home to share with my friends.   We always have bottle shares and had to sad