The Undeniable Vixen’s Birthday Behavior

The Undeniable Vixen’s Birthday Behavior

This weekend was amazing and it was action packed to say the least.  I’m so glad I have Monday off to recoup.  Now, I know I flooded your timelines about my event but it was well worth it.  I appreciate everyone that showed up to support.  On August 24th Women with Beer Connections had its inaugural event at Craft and Growler. The concept was to bring women collectively to learn, enjoy and experience craft beer in a bottle share setting. We had women who never had a craft beer, novice craft beer drinkers, experienced kick-ass boss drinker, and wherever you fall into that spectrum.  My goal was to open a safe space to have the majority of women sitting together and seeing more women than men at a share.  I love shares.  I truly do. Especially after I went to my first one I was hooked, but then I looked around the room. I didn’t see myself in the same number let along people of color. 
 Being the true introvert that I am, I can hold up the wall, check things out, see vibes and quietly ask questions.  Why?  I wondered, Where are all the women that drink beer.  I was ready to put out a missing person ad to all the local breweriesMissing: Women age 25-45, Professional, Dog Mom who vacations in Cabo or Dubai, favorite Auntie, Mother and repairer of all things.  Where is my tribe? So, I guess that’s kinda what I did. I hosted a Bottle Share. I just threw out a Bat Signal to see if my inner monologue was correct, “Women do drink craft beer I just need to find them.” I was blown away with the turnout of ladies that came out.  I would say about 90% had no idea what a bottle share was but followed my instructions:
1. Bring taster glass.
2. Buy one glass or flight to support as a thank you to our host bar.
3. Bring a beer or two that you want to try and share with the group. 
4. Tip the wait staff.
5. Be open to trying beer

They were so invested with attempting to bring a beer to share I was overwhelmed. They did really well. The conversation were organic and not shy at all of “love it or leave it” with the offerings on the table.  

We had the opportunity to help with a non-profit organization. Helping Hands, Open Hearts was started by Rosalind Bryant and she serves diligently in the community.  Rosalind serves thehomeless community with monthly care packages, continues to feed and supplying clothes and hygiene, etc. Helping Hands, Open Hearts is way of life for Rosalind and she puts boots…well stilettos being the true Diva she is to the ground.  It’s a rewarding organization and I love going in and being a Fashion Consultant.  I get to help ladies pick clothes they may need for an upcoming job interview.  There is nothing better than when a women puts on a garment and gets approval from within as well as ladies cheering them on.  “Yasssss!”  Special thanks to Robert with Craft and Growler.  He gives back to the community so much and Saturday wasn’t any different.  We had a Back to School Drive during the time of the bottle share. Helping Hands, Open Hearts will get a $1.00 back donation for any beer purchased during Women with Beer Connection Event. 
Of course being an educator or my attempt of knowledge we marveled listening to Dani with Island to Island Brewery.  What a dynamo! She shared her talent of growing up with home brewing, and her relationship growing up gave me a sense of sisterhood and family. I don’t think the community realizes the gem we have with Island to Island coming to Texas.  People are truly jealous but we welcome her here and excited to continue to create venues to show her art in craft brewing.  As a contribution Dani provided a Home Brewing Kit that was raffled off to help with Helping Hands, Open Hearts donations. Coffee da Foodie proudly won the prize. She was so excited. 
As we starting going through our sours and progressing into ales, porters and stouts Sean arrives.  Dallas Beer Squad aka Mr. 17% Drip, The Entrepreneur himselfdonated glasses to all our Craft Beer newbies as a “Thank you”.  I really appreciated it.  As time passes, our reserved spot begins to swell. I think I was in such awe by seeing so many women of color to show up.  This gives me such joy because marketing companies shouldn’t bother to consider the demographic of African American women. In a crowded room feeling invisible as a women being catered to in the beer industry, it’s even traumatic for women of color. There are too many POC businesses that are thriving not to believe money isn’t to be made.   I say you’re leaving money on the table; foolishly. You’re going to miss out on a demographic of loyal customers that will follow and support you with all your craft beer and craft beerparaphernalia.  One day you’re going to realize and sound like Lauryn Hill, ‘You might win some but you just lost one.’  
 I had a cast of charactersshared beers with them, passed out hugs, and they gave me birthday wishes.  Still keeping to my oath I did find at least one beer that everyone at the table enjoyed.  They ordered more beer from bar.  Some just wanted to simply donate to the well deserving organization.  As I looked around to make sure I captured conversations and engaged with everyone I was surprised with cake and candles to celebrate my birthday.  This was a birthday crescendo I needed for a successful event. 
 So, the queries have been wondering, “When is the next event?”  Honestly, I didn’t think about it, because I wanted more people to come to the existing shares.  I’m sure they will but I did miss some people who wanted to come.  I guess there needs to be a next time.  Absolutely will be a holiday event but we’re going to jump into liquor.  Being The Undeniable Vixen you never deny yourself just one type of drink.  There will be a chance to taste and make your own well handcrafted cocktails for the holidays. Everyone will entertain on their time off and wouldn’t it be nice to know how to use some of those liquors in your cabinet instead just that ol’ Rum and Coke.  Glam up your Holiday Drinks. Stay Tuned. Vixen OUT!


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