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The Undeniable Vixen’s Birthday Behavior

The Undeniable Vixen’s Birthday Behavior This weekend was amazing and it was action packed to say the least.  I’m so glad I have Monday off to recoup.  Now, I know I flooded your timelines about my event but it was well worth it.  I appreciate everyone that showed up to support.   On August 24 th  W omen with Beer Connections   had  it s  inaugural event at Craft and Growler. The concept was to bring women collectively to learn, enjoy and  experience  craft  beer in a bottle share setting. We had women who never had a craft beer , novice craft beer drinkers, experienced kick-ass boss drinker, and wherever you fall into that spectrum.  My goal was to open a safe space to have the majority of women sitting together and seeing more women than men at a share.  I love shares.  I truly do. Especially after I went to my first one I was hooked, but then I looked around the room. I didn’t see myself in the same number let along people of color.  ​   Being the true introvert that I am, I 
The Undeniable Vixen’s Kaleidoscope View of Fresh Fest 2019 I think it goes without saying the chosen few that went to Fresh Fest are still glowing from the experience.  The sheer joy of being in the midst of POC enjoying and drinkin g great craft beer was magical .   This was the 2 nd  annual Fresh Fest located in  Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania.  Nova Place was a perfect venue allowing for indoor and outdoor vendors of food, clothing, and of course beer.  I even had some delicious South African Rum.  This was completely organic meeting up with other IG personalities elated to make the trip.  The only expectation  was  having an amazing time  and can we make all the events?   How many additional bottle shares are going to take place?  I found myself in a unique place following some of the best of the best beer aficionados.  The love of the hop drew out a  camaraderie and new found friendships made over that weekend.  I would implore you to make plans to be a part of the Epic Black Mec